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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in North Carolina

At the UNC Aesthetic, Laser & Burn Center in Chapel Hill, our plastic surgeons are proud to perform advanced nose surgery (rhinoplasty) techniques for their patients, so they can realize a facial profile that is more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

What Is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, can correct many issues, including:

  • Large or small nose
  • Bumpy nose
  • Droopy nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Wide or narrow nose
  • Short or long nose

Nose surgery, which is often performed to improve cosmetic issues but may also correct breathing problems, can be a life-changing procedure for some individuals. The ideal nose is not the same for every person, but our doctors will individualize your surgery to ensure you get the best result and also improve your self-image.

Who Can Benefit?

Nose surgery can correct a variety of aesthetic issues, but in order to be an ideal candidate, you should be a non-smoker, in good health, and refrain from taking any nasal medication or illicit drugs.

The Nose Surgery Procedure

Your 1-3 hour outpatient nose surgery will be performed by your plastic surgeon when you are under a local anesthetic with sedation, although a general anesthetic may be used in some cases.

Your surgery will be individualized and your plastic surgeon may perform either an open or closed rhinoplasty technique.

In the open surgery, an incision will first be made under the nasal tip, between your nostrils. Your plastic surgeon will reshape the bone and cartilage through the incision, bringing symmetry to your nose.

For a closed surgery, an incision is made inside your nose, as the surgeon performs the procedure with a more limited view on the internal nasal structures.

In some cases, the bone and cartilage present in your nose may be inadequate to achieve your aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon may need to harvest bone or tissue from another site, and then use a graft to augment a specific area of the nose.

When complete, your plastic surgeon will close the incision with sutures and place packing inside your nose to control bleeding.

Nose Surgery Aftercare

It is likely you will experience swelling and pain after your nose surgery, and you may be prescribed medication to manage pain. After 1-2 weeks, you can return to your normal routine, but you should avoid activities that may put your nose at risk for about six weeks. After 3-6 months, you should be able to fully appreciate the outcome of your rhinoplasty.

Possible complications following nose surgery may include dissatisfaction with the result, nasal obstruction, infection and bleeding.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty in Raleigh-Durham

To learn more about how our surgeons can bring enhanced symmetry and balance to your face with nose surgery in Chapel Hill, please schedule a consultation at the UNC Aesthetic, Laser & Burn Center.

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