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Cheek Augmentation in North Carolina

Stress and age affect us all physically, but in relatively different ways. Some individuals experience a decrease in the fullness of their face that can be especially noticeable in the cheeks. For these individuals, cheek augmentation can assist in restoring the youthfulness apparent in faces with cheeks that are full and aesthetically proportionate to other facial features.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

During cheek augmentation, the volume of the cheeks is increased through the use of injectable fillers such as Radiesse®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, or Sculptra® into the cheek area, or through a facelift in which a surgeon repositions and tightens the underlying tissue. With each approach, the result is fuller cheeks and a more symmetrically contoured face.

Who Can Benefit?

Men and women who demonstrate an inadequate underlying bone structure that gives the cheeks a hollow appearance may benefit from cheek augmentation in North Carolina. Cheek augmentation can also help those who are bothered by a flat, wrinkled mid-face as a possible result of weight loss.

As with all cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, good candidates for cheek augmentation are healthy and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery.

The Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Filler treatments are conducted in your plastic surgeon’s office and involve local anesthesia. Once the surgeon has marked the injection points, she will inject the filler into the cheek area, and then lightly massage the area to ensure that the filler is evenly distributed.

Cheek augmentation conducted by means of a facelift, however, is performed in an outpatient or hospital setting using general anesthesia. The tissue in the cheek area can be accessed through an incision that begins at the temporal scalp, extending around the hairline and around the ears. The surgeon then separates the skin from the muscle and fat. Once this is accomplished, he or she will augment the contour of the cheeks using natural fatty tissue or in some cases, a facial implant.

Cheek Augmentation Aftercare

If you receive dermal filler injection, you can return to work immediately, but should avoid drinking alcohol and exercise, or in accordance with your surgeon’s instructions. Apply ice to minimize swelling.

With cheek augmentation by means of the facelift, you can expect to recover within 2-3 weeks. For the first few days, be sure to keep your head elevated and limit activity during your recovery. Please check with your surgeon for more detailed aftercare instructions on how to minimize swelling and manage pain. Stitches are typically removed after approximately one week.

Learn More About Cheek Augmentation in Raleigh-Durham

If you would like to set up a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to find out more about cheek augmentation and how it can benefit you, please contact our office in Chapel Hill, NC. The Plastic Surgery Division at the UNC Aesthetic, Laser & Burn Center has a long history of excellence in patient care and innovative surgical techniques.

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