Lip Augmentation at Any Age

Many don’t realize just how influential age is when it comes to the appearance of their lips. Fortunately, injectable lip fillers are able to enhance the lips at any age. That said, at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center, we understand that patients of different ages are bound to differ in their goals and motivations when it comes to lip augmentation. A woman in their 20s is sure to have very different expectations than a woman in her 50s.

Did you know that your lips are at their fullest between the ages of 16 and 18?

Lip Augmentation in Your 20s

Influenced by social media and a slew of celebrities, patients are seeking out injectable lip fillers earlier. Lip augmentation is very popular among students at our namesake, the University of North Carolina. Looking to add volume, our younger patients hope to achieve fuller lips that are more pronounced in appearance. While many seek out lip injections for cosmetic enhancement, younger patients are also able to fix slight imperfections, including asymmetry, uneven lips, or a gummy smile.

Lip Augmentation in Your 30s

By age 30, it is likely that men and women here in Raleigh will have noticed that their lips have become significantly thinner. The goal of lip augmentation is about restoring a natural fullness to the lips in a subtle fashion. Our expert injectors will focus on creating a full, youthfully-shaped lip. Some patients also start to use injectable fillers preemptively to ward off future lines and wrinkles. By injecting a small amount of filler into developing lines, we are able to soften and ward off these lines from becoming fully ingrained within the skin surrounding the lips.

Lip Augmentation in Your 40s

Between talking, expressing ourselves, eating, and sipping—we move our lips a lot! Together with our natural aging process and near-constant sun exposure, this endless motion breaks down our natural elastin and causes fine lines and wrinkles to form. Unbeknownst to many, boosting the size of the lips can camouflage these pesky lines. Lines can also be smoothed by injecting the filler directly into lines themselves.

Lip Augmentation in Your 50s

For those in their 50s, lip augmentation is just as much about restoring structure to the lips as it is about adding volume. Changes to the lips include sagging corners, a weak cupid’s bow, and a blurred vermillion border. Lip injections are able to counteract the appearance of aging lips by adding fullness as well as defining a stronger lip line. While we cannot control how our lips change as we age, we can improve their appearance with the help of injectable fillers and lip augmentation at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center.