Muscle Up: The Benefits of Calf & Pec Implants

Logging hour after hour at the gym—you work hard to get the body you deserve. While some areas respond readily, other areas prove to be persistently stubborn. Even for those most dedicated to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine can struggle to see the results they want.

More and more, men are embracing cosmetic enhancement to get to help them achieve their desired physique. Using the latest advancements in the plastic surgery field, our surgeons at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center can help.

After all, why not look as good as you feel?

Calf Implants

Many men find that their calf muscles do not respond as well to exercise as their upper body. This can leave a man’s figure looking poorly proportioned. Augmenting the calves can help those who feel that their calves are too lean or too small. Calf implants are designed to create a more proportionate and unified appearance between the lower leg, upper leg, and whole body. Unique in their shape, the implant mimics the natural shape of the calf muscle. When positioned correctly, a calf implants successfully:

  • Builds volume and shape
  • Adds increased definition
  • Creates a well-proportioned lower leg
  • Gives the leg a stronger and more developed appearance

What is more, a calf augmentation can improve more than just the size of the calf—helping to create a more symmetrical and even appearance between one’s legs.

Pectoral Implants

Just like the calf, some men find it difficult to achieve a strong and sculpted chest. Pectoral implants add bulk—making the chest appear fuller and more muscular. Firm to the touch, pectoral implants can enhance a man’s figure, both with a shirt on or off.  


A versatile treatment, liposuction can help slim and contour many areas. Men most commonly request liposuction for their midsections. Hoping for a trim stomach, the love handles also prove a popular area. By suctioning out excess fat from their waists, men find that they are better able to show off their muscular abdominals. Our surgeon’s often focus on sculpting the body to better expose your natural underlying contours. We can help you—whether you desire defined calves, a muscular chest, or a trim tummy. Priding ourselves on our expert eye, our surgeons are conscientious to establish a treatment plan  customized to meet your individual desires while working with you to maintain a masculine aesthetic. To learn more, schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center.