Facial Rejuvenation: A More Likable You

Would you believe that a rejuvenated face could help you be more likable? According to a new study published in the journal, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, this might just be the case. Highlighting the importance of facial profiling, researchers set out to evaluate and examine the changes in personality perception.

Facial Profiling: The act of determining personality attributes through visual observation

Viewing photos of 30 women both previous to and after facial rejuvenation surgery, a total of 173 participants (110 women, 63 men) were asked to assess the women’s appearance in relation to a variety of personality traits. The women underwent one or more procedures in the form of facelifts, upper and lower eye lifts, eyebrow lifts, neck lift, or chin implants. The subjects were asked to assess the women’s appeared level of aggressiveness, extroversion, likeability, trustworthiness, risk seeking, social skill, attractiveness, and femininity. The same patient’s preoperative and postoperative photos were not shown together to any person in order to eliminate recall bias. Woman who underwent facial plastic surgery were perceived as more likeable, attractive, to possess better social skills, and appeared more feminine than previous to their operations. The study concludes that “facial plastic surgery changes the perception of patients by those around them”.  Illuminating that facial rejuvenation surgery extends beyond beauty and influences greater “dimensions of a patient’s” life.

What Does this Mean for You?

A facelift offers full facial rejuvenation. Often, as time goes passes, our skin loses its once youthful shape. In addition to age, factors such as heredity, stress, and the ever helpful gravity leave our faces looking saggy and tired. A facelift:

  • Removes Excess Facial Fat
  • Eliminates Deep Folds and Heavy Wrinkles
  • Lessens the Appearance of Drooping Skin
  • Tightens Underlying Muscles
  • Reduces Fat Deposits
  • Revitalizes the Skin’s Firmness

In addition to the facial focus, a face lift targets loose skin and folds around the neck.  Carefully contouring your face, a facelift sculpts the jawline and taut skin. The goal of your facelift is to restore your youthful appearance.

Is a Facelift at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center Right for You?

Combined with experience, our doctors’ expertise will help you turn back the clock. On average, patients appear 10 years younger after a facelift. Our team of highly trained plastic surgeons will work you to create a facelift unique to your personality. See if the research is true—become more likable, social, and attractive.  Schedule a consultation at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center today.