Achieve Your Dream Body with a Body Lift

Losing a substantial amount of weight is something to celebrate. However, many find that although their weight has dropped, their figure is far from where they had imagined. Many are discouraged by the amount of excess skin that remains. More and more, patients are coming to UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center looking to finally achieve a slim and contoured figure. In hopes of helping you reach your aesthetic and physical goals, our highly trained team of surgeons can perform a body lift.

A growing trend, about one quarter of all weight-loss patients are opting to undergo some type of cosmetic contouring surgery. According to new statistics put out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a total of 44, 935 body procedures were performed, a seven percent increase in only one year. “A lot of times patients think weight loss surgery is the answer to their issues, when in reality it may only be one step in the process.”    — Scot Glasberg, MD, ASPS President

What is a Body Lift?

Technically known as a belt lipectomy, a body lift is a way to eliminate any residual sagging fat and skin. Targeting the lower body—excess skin is removed from the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and inner and outer thighs. We have found that most patients are looking to achieve a natural look—as if the skin had gone away on its own. To facilitate this, we follow the natural lines and contour of your body when shaping and trimming excess skin.

Achieving the Body You Deserve

At UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center, we strive to give you the body you both want and deserve. Our doctors will work closely with you to fully understand what you are hoping to achieve from your Body Lift. From this, we will establish a surgical approach tailored to meet your needs and ensure your safety. We would love to work with you! Please schedule a consultation if you feel a Body Lift may be the next step for you.