Options for Breast Reconstruction in North Carolina

If you are a breast cancer survivor or are about to undergo a mastectomy, make sure you are educated about all of your options regarding breast reconstruction in North Carolina. The team of skilled and experienced surgeons at the UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center can restore the breasts and reshape your upper body using a number of techniques. The goal of breast reconstruction surgery is to improve the body’s contours and renew a patient’s self-confidence after the ramifications of breast cancer.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Our surgeons are trained to perform breast reconstruction procedures using one of several proven techniques. These include:

  • TRAM flap reconstruction – involves using tissue from the lower abdomen to correct disfigurement and restore the contours of the breast
  • DIEP flap breast reconstruction – designed to rebuild the breast using abdominal skin and fat after one or both of the breasts have been removed
  • Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction – uses skin, tissue, and blood vessels transferred from the upper back area to rebuild the breasts
  • Tissue expanders – involves expanding the tissues to accommodate for the insertion of breast implants

Your surgeon will determine what type of technique will be most appropriate for you during your consultation. Our goal is to restore your feminine contours so you can feel like your old self again.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in North Carolina

Undergoing breast reconstruction surgery offers numerous benefits for patients who have suffered the effects of breast cancer. We understand how losing the breasts can have an impact on the patient physically and emotionally, and our team of surgeons is here to restore the breasts and feminine contours of the upper body using the latest reconstruction techniques. Everything is customized for the patient and we can even perform a procedure that involves placing a breast implant to restore fullness and even increase the size of the breasts if the patient so chooses. Our techniques boast a high success rate and we are here to answer any questions you may have about the procedure at any time. Learn more about your options for breast reconstruction in North Carolina by scheduling your consultation at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center today.