Achieve Your Ideal Body with Calf Implants

If you have small calves and tend to hide your legs under baggy clothes and long pants year round, consider the benefits of calf implants in North Carolina. The size and shape of the calves can transform the look of the legs and make your lower body look well-balanced. We can perform a calf augmentation procedure to create more attractive contours and create more definition of the legs. Whether you want to be less self-conscious when wearing shorts and skirts, or just want a more proportionate figure, we can help you with a customized cosmetic procedure.

Do I Really Need Calf Implants in North Carolina?

Even if you train your legs regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, genetics will be to blame when it comes to determining how big your calf muscles will be and what your overall leg shape looks like. If you have very thin legs — sometimes even referred to as chicken legs — you may refrain from wearing shorts, capris, dresses, and any other styles of clothing that show your legs. Calf augmentation can increase the tissue around the calves and create a more proportionate look between the thighs and calves.

Some of the reasons to consider calf implants include:

  • Achieve a more contoured look
  • Balance out leg-body proportions
  • Add mass to the lower legs
  • Create more definition around the calf muscles
  • Correct any muscle imbalances

How Calf Augmentation is Performed

Calf implants are made out of silicone and placed over your existing leg muscles using a special technique. Your plastic surgeon will determine the implants you need, based on the desired shape and size. With successful placement, your calves will be larger in size and look just like your real calf muscles. We take great care to make sure the implant looks as natural as possible and some patients need a series of laser treatments to lighten up any scar tissue from the incisions.

Calf implants are an attractive option for patients who are self-conscious about the appearance of their legs and are ready for a change. If you think you may be a good candidate for a calf augmentation procedure, schedule your calf implants consultation with UNC Burn Reconstruction and Aesthetic Center today.