Saline’s Big Plans for 2014

Silicone Implants Had a Big 2013, Now It’s Saline’s Turn

Saline Implants North Carolina
Last year, the FDA approval of cohesive silicone gel implants was one of the most talked about advances in plastic surgery. Breast augmentation, already the most popular procedure in the country, had suddenly become even more attractive to women considering breast implants.

Nicknamed gummy bear and tear drop implants, these new silicone gel implants were safer and more natural-looking due to their cohesive structure that remains together when cut in half as well as their anatomic shape. These implants shot to the top of news headlines, gaining extreme popularity when Angelina Jolie received them after undergoing a double mastectomy.

So what have saline implant manufacturer been doing during all of this? Working on what they believe is the next big thing, of course.

The IDEAL Implant

Rumors of a new saline implant expected to receive FDA approval this year have been circulating the Internet. The implant is called the Ideal Implant and it is currently in its 10-year trial stage with 500 women participating throughout the country.

“I wanted the natural look,” said Marlen, one of the women participating in the trial for the new saline implant. “I wanted my breasts to look like they did before I had my daughter.”

What Makes It Different from Other Saline Breast Implants?

The Ideal Implant is designed to provide women with the natural look that is often associated with silicone implants, but without the chemicals, despite their proven record of safety. The edges of the implant have been lowered in order to better fit the contours of the woman’s chest wall. Changes also have been made to the implants’ internal composition to prevent wrinkling or rippling – issues that sometimes occur with previous saline implants in North Carolina, especially in subglandular placement.

But is it enough to catch up with the immensely popular silicone implant? Possibly. Each woman has her own preference and may benefit more from one implant over another based on her goals and expectations. The introduction of a new implant is, however, very exciting because it gives women considering breast augmentation even more choices than before.

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