Reconstructing After a Mastectomy

For women who have won their battle against breast cancer and have had a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is the next step in overcoming the disease once and for all. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also just as important for those women who have defeated breast cancer to know about their options regarding breast reconstruction surgery post-mastectomy. The ASPS and The Plastic Surgery Foundation have teamed up to establish a day dedicated to these women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The second annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day) is on Ocotber 16th. BRA Day is an annual initiative in the middle of BCA Month that is designed to educate and increase awareness and access to information regarding breast reconstruction. Many breast cancer survivors who choose to have a mastectomy can often feel as though they are still scarred from their fight against breast cancer. Losing a breast may cause a woman to feel less feminine or broken. Breast reconstruction procedures are designed to help restore a natural feminine shape and help provide survivors with that next step in overcoming their battles. The procedure can even be performed immediately after a mastectomy or can be held off until later down the road. For more information on breast reconstruction, click the button below to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon. breast cancer awareness month Contact UNC Health Care Today