As youth continues to grow as a driving force in American culture, more and more professional men and women have been turning to minimally invasive plastic surgery, such as laser treatments as a means to remain competitive in a changing workplace.

Nowadays, employers are beginning to favor younger professionals because of their high energy and the innovative ideas that they are often associated with. Even with a fantastic résumé and long list of experience, an employer may favor the confidence and ambition of that 20-something fresh out of business school. The truth is that it isn’t purely an issue with age. A lot of it has to do with the difference in how we carry ourselves. 


One of the biggest impacting factors on our self-confidence has to do with how comfortable we are with our looks. As our coworkers and even the CEOs around us continue to get younger, it is easier to become more self-conscious about our own age and appearance. Plastic surgery has proven effective in boosting a patient’s self-confidence and with the increase of minimally invasive treatments made available to consumers, more people are beginning to turn to their board-certified plastic surgeons for help with achieving a younger look. While injectables like Juvederm and Botox continue to do well with patients, there has been a rise in patients seeking out a different kind of minimally invasive treatment as well: laser treatments.


Laser treatments are still a fairly new concept compared to how long some of the other surgical procedures have been around. As the technologies and methods for these treatments continue to develop and generate new procedures, more and more people have been turning to laser treatments as a means to achieve the results that they want without having to undergo surgery or a long recovery period. Even a shockingly large amount of men have been seeking out these nonsurgical treatments. With the availability of these newer procedures like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Ultrapulse CO2 treatments, people with busier schedules who are unable to take time off work for surgery and recovery are still able to benefit from the age-defying results. Thus, many business men and women have been turning to these procedures to maintain a naturally youthful appearance at work. The truth is, the workplace that we once knew has changed significantly as far as how employers and managers now seek out talent. The changing of faces that surround us can easily make those who are a little bit older feel self-conscious or even threatened by the increasing amount of youth being brought in. These minimally invasive cosmetic procedures can help to build your confidence in the workplace. Contact UNC