For the past seven years, no other cosmetic procedure has been more popular than breast augmentation. Ever since the powerful comeback by silicone implants, breast augmentation has surpassed every other cosmetic surgery to take the top spot since 2006 – a leap from third in 2005. How does this procedure maintain its immense popularity?

#1 Past Patients Are Encouraging for New Women

The ASPS recently published a study in which 98% of the women surveyed said that their results had either met or exceeded their expectations. An increase in self-esteem was reported by another 90%. In past years, breast augmentation has been linked to other benefits as well, such as higher sex life satisfaction.

#2 Women Are Able to Personalize Their Results

Implant type, size, shape, and placement are all choices that women are able to make in order to better achieve the look that they are wanting to achieve. There are seven different implants and three manufacturers that are currently approved for use in the US. The newest implants are the new FDA approved silicone gel implants known as teardrop or gummy-bear implants.

#3 Surgery & Recovery Are No Hassle

A typical breast augmentation surgery will last between one and two hours and is completed on an outpatient basis. Most women are able to return to lighter work within a few days and higher levels of activity or exercise are achievable in just a couple weeks.

#4 Breast Implants Are Proven Safe

Extensive studies were carried out on silicone and saline implants to guarantee your safety and have both received FDA approval. These implants have been proven safe in case of rupture and haven’t been tied to any disease of connected tissue.

#5 Results That Last

Although implants are not intended to be lifelong, the results of a breast augmentation can last for decades. Usually, a patient can have a breast augmentation without needing to replace or adjust the implants at regular intervals.