Stop Sleeping With Your Makeup On!

This week, the Daily Mail’s Anna Pursglove finished up a four-week experiment to find out exactly what sleeping with makeup on is doing to your skin. One third of women go to bed twice a week without washing their makeup off properly. Anna took it upon herself to change this bad habit. For an entire month, Anna went about her days putting on her makeup as usual, but instead of washing it

off at night, she would plop into bed, mascara and all. Prior to her experiment, Anna had her skin analyzed at a 3D Imaging Studio to use as a control to compare to after four weeks. Even without the scan, the effects on Anna’s skin were shocking. By the end of her experiment, Anna’s skin had developed red blotches and her lips dried out while the corners of her mouth cracked. During the four weeks, one of her eyes had even swollen shut as a result of leaving mascara on. When Anna returned to have her skin checked at the 3D Imaging Studio, they found that her skin had biologically aged approximately ten years in just one month’s time. Our nights can often get busy and we may have other priorities to take care of. However, all it takes is 10 minutes to wash off the makeup and moisturize before getting into bed to maintain healthy, youthful skin. Photo by Daily Mail