More Men Seeking Out Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is no longer just a woman’s purchase market. An increasing number of men are seeking out cosmetic surgery. In 2012, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men jumped by 106% from 1997. Men accounted for nearly one million procedures just last year. The top five procedures for men in 2012 were rhinoplastyeyelid surgeryliposuction, male breast reduction and facelifts. What sparked all the change? Society is changing, and it is changing quick.

American culture’s view of men is changing

The old stereotype of men not caring about the way they look is finally starting to die out. Society is moving away from the mountain men and cowboys of the past and toward the well-groomed professionals of today. Our sports stars are now super models, Hollywood actors are now clean-shaved and well-kept, and magazines like GQ and Esquire are telling men it is still manly to care about your appearance and dress well. America is changing the way that it views men and men are catching on.

It’s good for business

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is just 29 years old. And he isn’t the only one of his kind out there. The way companies are structured has changed dramatically. In a place where maturity and experience once dominated, youth and innovation is beginning to take over. Younger men and women are more likely than ever to be sitting in a position of power and this only grows more and more each year. Men are now seeking out cosmetic surgery to compete in this new youth-driven economy.

Men are more accepting of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery used to be thought of as something in which only women participate, and if you were a man, it was something to be embarrassed about. That idea is changing. In 2011, a survey showed that 49% of men approved of cosmetic surgery and 67% of total Americans said that they would not be embarrassed if their friends knew they had work done. It also helps when super star athletes like NFL receiver Wes Welker confidently flaunt their new look.