Lack of Sleep Linked to Early Aging

When we don’t get enough sleep, we go through our day grumpy, puffy-eyed, chugging caffeine, and ready to break down and cry.  If that isn’t bad enough, there is now even more reason for you to be getting your sleep at night. A new study sponsored by Estee Lauder has finally found proof connecting a lack of sleep to premature aging and skin problems. A group of 60 women participated

in the study. The research found that the women getting an inadequate amount of sleep often had decreased skin health and started showing signs of premature aging. Without enough sleep, the skin becomes dehydrated and more susceptible to sun damage, making it more likely to form wrinkles and lines. Dryness in skin can also lead to more serious skin conditions such as eczema. The study also found that the women who got more sleep often were more confident and had a healthier pigmentation and skin laxity than those who were not getting enough sleep. This is the first study that has proven a link between the lack of sleep and premature aging. Past research has already shown that the lack of sleep can lead to serious issues including heart problems, obesity, anxiety, and even cancer. While at times it could be hard to keep to a steady sleeping schedule because of the busy world that we live in, it is important to keep in mind just how critical it is for your health and well being to get enough sleep. You will go through your day more confident, more healthy, and looking younger.

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