Wrinkles May Indicate Poor Heart Health

Nobody likes wrinkles, but they’re pretty harmless, right? Maybe not, according to new research released by the American Heart Association. In fact, wrinkles may actually be a tell-tale sign of bigger health problems.

The original study (called the Copenhagen Heart Study), began in 1976. At the start, researchers looked 10,885 patients over 40, examining them for various signs of aging including:

  • Receding hairlines at the temples
  • Baldness at the top of the head
  • Fatty deposits around the eyelids
  • Earlobe creases

Fast forward 35 years, researchers followed up with these participants and found that 3,400 had developed heart disease and 1,700 had suffered a heart attack.

The link between signs of aging and heart health

When comparing these statistics to the original data taken on the four signs of aging above, researchers concluded that participated exhibiting 3-4 of these aging signs had a 57% greater risk of developing a heart attack and a 39% greater risk of developing heart disease when compared to participants with no signs of aging.

According to the study’s senior author Dr. Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, “The visible signs of aging reflect physiological or biological age, not chronological age, and are independent of chronological age.

Dr. Tybjaerg-Hansen recommends that physicians check for these signs of aging during physical examinations.

“We’re so rushed to put on a blood pressure cuff or put a stethoscope on the chest” that very obvious, physical signs of health risk are overlooked.

Treating signs of aging

Though there’s no evidence that treating signs of aging with laser resurfacing or a facelift can have an impact on one’s physical health – there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that it can improve psychological health by boosting self-esteem and body confidence.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), most people who choose to undergo facial rejuvenation feel that their facial features do not reflect their energetic spirit.