Nose Reconstruction Featured on The Doctors

Unlike cosmetic rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction is performed after an injury or disease has seriously damaged the nose.

The procedure can be far more complex than your typical “nose job.”

Nasal reconstruction surgery was recently featured on ABC’s The Doctors, when one of the show’s hosts had a life-changing procedure. Dr. Drew Ordon performs the surgery on his colleague Roy, whose nose was damaged after his dog bit him in the face years ago.

Noses Play a Role in Identity and Character

“There are all sorts of different noses,” says Dr. Ordon. “That’s sort of what gives us our identity, our character… Probably the biggest challenge for a plastic surgeon is to reconstruct. There is a reason for that… when you’re doing it, you have to respect what we would call the different parts or aesthetic units.”

Dr. Ordon explains that the nose includes a number of different elements, which must be properly balanced so that the nose looks natural. These components include the bridge, areolar crease, septum, and the “wings” of the nose. Attention must be paid to all of these parts to create a normal appearance.

During Roy’s surgery, Dr. Ordon had to straighten the septum on the inside of the nose. He used some of the cartilage to create better support, released the skin above the nose, and repaired the defect using a special flap technique.

After his nose reconstruction surgery, Roy comes onto the stage to reveal his new nose. After two weeks, Roy says that he feels “amazing. It means a lot,” he says with tears in his eyes. “It breaks me up.

“Even after he did the operation, I was skeptical, when I first started to pull off the Band-Aid. It’s amazing.”