Brooke Burke Helps Unveil the New You Visualizer for Mentor Worldwide

Interactive Web Tool Helps Women Visualize Results of Breast Augmentation

Breast implant maker Mentor recently unveiled an educational campaign featuring Brooke Burke-Charvet.

The mom, actress and entrepreneur will introduce a new interactive tool called the New You Visualizer, which helps women see their new look before breast augmentation.

Known for her candor when it comes to her work, marriage, and family, Burke-Charvet has always been an advocate of healthy lifestyles. Now she’s encouraging women to look their best – “be the best version of themselves” and take the steps that will help them reach that goal.

An Aid for the Decision-Making Process

“If cosmetic surgery is something you’re considering it’s important to make an informed, healthy decision. In truth, I think the decision-making process is as important as the procedure itself. Women are bombarded with information about breast augmentation, but don’t get the answer they really want, specifically ‘How will I look afterward?’. I love that the New You Visualizer empowers women to inform themselves,” she said.

Mentor’s New You Visualizer is available at Women can view what their breast augmentation results may look like, right in the privacy of their own home.
They can view different options, such as implant size and shape, so they’re better informed when they finally schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

The New You Visualizer has a few simple steps:

  • Securely upload a own photo (preferably in a bra or swimsuit top) and then make adjustments for implant size, shape and lift
  • Create customized before and after photos that show your possible breast augmentation results
  • Save the results to a “Look Book” so you can review or adjust the image later
  • Share simulated breast augmentation results with friends, family, or surgeons

David Wilson, President of Mentor commented:

“Our goal with this campaign is to enable a better conversation between a woman and her doctor so she can achieve the best results possible. As a leader in the breast augmentation market, we feel that it is our responsibility to advance the tools available to women as they make important decisions about their bodies.”

Source: PR Newswire