IPL vs BBL : What is the Difference?

So many people today are benefitting from the popular treatment of  photofacial rejuvenation. The benefits of this treatment include the reduction of sun damage, rosacea, and aging skin and produce mega boosts of confidence in our appearance.

While most physicians’ websites provide ample education and a description of this treatment, there is great confusion as to what this treatment involves and what the correct “term” should be used when referring to the treatment.

IPL is an abbreviation for the type of broad spectrum light (intense pulsed light) used in photo rejuvenation, first pioneered by Dermatologist Patrick Bitter Jr.  The treatment names Fotofacial, photofacial, IPL, photo rejuvenation, and others are all referring to this same treatment.

As technology advances and more companies manufacture laser and light sources, the names for this very same treatment continue to increase. Sciton, a popular manufacturer of a multi-platform laser and light source uses broadband light and is referred to as BBL.

If you’re looking for pigmentation improvement, rosacea, melasma, or to improve imperfections, schedule a consultation and learn about the technology used as well as the experience and knowledge of our providers.  While many laser and light sources offer current technology and are effective, treatment results may vary. An experienced, knowledgeable provider will make considerable differences in treatment outcome.

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