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3 Reasons Why Men May Choose Male Breast Reduction

Men everywhere seek to feel confident and proud of their bodies, which can include having a sculpted and well-contoured chest. However, for men with gynecomastia (excess breast tissue resulting in enlarged breasts), this is practically impossible even with good diet and exercise. For a man with excess breast tissue, simple things like changing in front of other people or taking his shirt of at the beach can cause embarrassment or social anxiety. Our team at UNC wants to help empower these men to feel confident in their own skin with male breast reduction surgery. We would love to share a number of the benefits that our past and current Raleigh-Durham clients have found.  (more…)

What’s The Difference Between Body Contouring and Fat Reduction?

You may have been curious about the difference between body contouring and fat reduction, or perhaps you were under the impression that the two essentially mean the same thing. You are certainly not alone! Our team at UNC Aesthetic, Laser, and Burn Center in North Carolina is here to look a little closer at the differences between these two different procedures and perhaps help you decide if one of these treatments (or both!) would help restore your confidence and reach your body goals.  (more…)

The Many Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

Many men and women hope to improve their body’s contour by eliminating pockets of excess fat. For years now, liposuction has done just this—and has successfully helped patients achieve their desired figure. With continuous advancements and an ever-growing number of variations of liposuction techniques, it can be difficult for patients to know which technique is the right choice for them. At our Chapel Hill practice, we use the tumescent liposuction technique. Proven safe and effective, tumescent liposuction can garner beautiful results.


Real Patient Stories

Kandy | Eyelid Surgery Patient
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Ethel | Tummy Tuck Surgery Patient
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Jackie | Radiesse Patient
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