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Real Patient Stories

Heather, Breast Augmentation Patient

“After three babies, I just wanted to look like me again. Today wearing a triangle top bikini and seeing the big grin from my husband made this one of the best decisions in my life. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Ethel, Tummy Tuck Surgery Patient

"Making the decision to have Gastric Bypass surgery was quite a decision, but the next step was an easy one. I met Dr. Damitz and now I love my size 2 and shopping. Best of all is when my husband said 'wow!'"

Janice, Tummy Tuck Surgery Patient

"This totally changed my life! After 175lbs weight loss from bariatric surgery, I really needed some additional help. Today, I feel so confident, I’m doing things I only dreamed of before- sky diving, white water rafting, motorcycle riding, the sky’s the limit."

Maria, Burn Reconstruction Patient

"There is hope after all. After three years of burn recovery and the amazing work from the burn center team and Dr. Hultman, I’m back into my life and feeling good about what the future holds."

Jackie, Radiesse® Patient

"After I retired I did a little something for me, I had some facial filler. What a difference it made and then it snowballed into dieting and exercise. Who knows what’s next! Most importantly I’m having fun and feeling great."

Kandy, Eyelid Surgery Patient

"My eyelids were so heavy people would ask why I always look down. After cosmetic eyelid surgery I can look’em right in the eyes! The experience at UNC was the best in every way. Bottom line I did this just for me!"

Real Patient Stories

Kandy | Eyelid Surgery Patient
"Bottom line I did this just for me!" (Read More)

Ethel | Tummy Tuck Surgery Patient
"I love my size 2 and shopping." (Read More)

Jackie | Radiesse Patient
"I’m having fun and feeling great!" (Read More)