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Brazilian Butt Lift in North Carolina

As photos of curvaceous women with round, supple buttocks permeate our culture, more and more women are looking to plastic surgeons for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures to add shape and contour to a small or flat backside.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

During a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, fat will be grafted from other areas on your body through liposuction and injected carefully into your buttocks to refine and enhance its shape.

Who Can Benefit?

Those who often choose to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure often do so for purely cosmetic reasons to enhance the shape and projection of a buttocks they feel is lacking. Additionally, you may choose to undergo a butt lift procedure as part of a reconstructive process. Sometimes, this procedure is used to correct traumatic injuries to the buttocks, gluteal and contour deformities as well as to assist those who deal with sagginess and loss of volume.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

When your plastic surgeon begins the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in North Carolina, he/she will liposuction fatty tissue from an appropriate donor site. These areas may include the thighs, abdomen or flanks. The liposuctioned fat is then purified in preparation to be lipoinjected into the buttocks.

Using a fan-like pattern for lipoinjection, your surgeon will place the refined fatty tissue under the skin in your buttocks using a small thin instrument called a cannula. To ensure proper contour, your plastic surgeon will also massage the area injection and liposuctionto control any fatty tissue that has spread beyond the intended injection sites.

Brazilian Butt Lift Aftercare

While you will be anxious to show off your new physique, your plastic surgeon in NC will lay out several post-surgery requirements. For about three weeks, you will need to avoid exercise, and you will also need to wear compression garments until any swelling has subsided. During your recovery period, you may need to have the injection sites examined by your surgeon to verify proper healing. Between six months and a year after your treatment, you will be able to fully appreciate the results of your surgery.

Possible side effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift may include asymmetry, abscess, seroma or unmet expectations.

Learn More About the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in Raleigh-Durham

To find out more about augmenting your buttocks with a Brazilian Butt Lift performed by the skilled surgeons at the UNC Aesthetic, Laser & Burn Center in Chapel Hill, we encourage you to call to schedule a consultation. Our service area includes: Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Greenville, Wake Forest, Greensboro, Garner, Burlington, Apex, Sanford, Knightdale, Clayton, Fuquay Varina, Goldsboro, Fort Bragg, Jacksonville and Pittsboro, North Carolina.

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