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Restored Confidence After Labiaplasty

Throwing on bikini bottoms or a tight pair of leggings isn’t always the most comfortable thing for many women. For those who have asymmetrical or enlarged labia, wearing tighter clothes can be embarrassing and negatively impact one’s self confidence. Our team at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center want all women to feel truly confident in the skin they are in. We offer labiaplasty surgery to help give those women the confidence and comfort they deserve.

Who Could Benefit For Labiaplasty?
A woman’s labia, when enlarged, can impact her body image, hygiene, clothing choices, intimate encounters, and her own comfort throughout the day. There’s a number of concerns that labiaplasty can address, including:
• Change in appearance/feel of the labia after childbirth
• Avoidance or embarrassment in sexual experiences
• Pain or discomfort during exercise
• Uncomfortable wearing tighter clothes due to excess labia tissue
• Dissatisfaction with the appearance or feel

How Labiaplasty Can Help
Labiaplasty surgery is designed to correct enlarged or asymmetrical labia, also known as labia minora hypertrophy. Labiaplasty surgery does this by reshaping and reducing the size of the labia through resection of the tissue. Our plastic surgery team at UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center are skilled in the labiaplasty procedure and will be able to walk you through your options to ensure that you are happy with your end results and comfortable throughout the entire process.

Want To Learn More?
UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center wants to ensure all of clients in Chapel Hill, North Carolina have are well informed on any potential treatment options. If you are curious about how labiaplasty can help you, schedule your initial consultation with our plastic surgery team.

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